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close-up and landscape photography from the world around you

Closescapes was the title I used for the first course when I started teaching photography in adult education, back on 10th May 1995.

The title was chosen as the course was designed for those interested in nature and landscape photography, but mostly with an aim for getting in close to the subject to create what could be called intimate landscapes, including close-ups of small creatures and plants.

I was delighted when I discovered later that one of the students on that original course carried on with closescapes photography and won a rose bowl in the local Spelthorne in Bloom competition photography section

This blog section will partner the closescapes.net website, which is still being planned at present. Hopefully you will find the blog of interest, and if you are also interested in closescapes photography please let me know if you have pictures online.

At this moment in time I am not sure which direction this blog should take, but feel the following would be interesting.

  • Links to interesting images from other photographers.
  • Links to blogs and websites of similar interest to closescapes.
  • Posts of pictures with thoughts and information on the decision process behind them.
  • Anything else will be added both here and as a post entry.

Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy your visit.


Marshall Black

Surrey, England.

August 2011

2 Responses to About closescapes

  1. IanB says:

    what a pity this is still not active. Photographing the small parts of the big picture is right up my ally and has been for many many years.
    very new >https://www.facebook.com/Photos-by-Ian-Browne-226958724335034/
    IanB Aust

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