Ice Butterfly.

Ice Butterfly.

Ice Butterfly.

The freezing, thaw, freezing circle on the surface of water can create incredible patterns. Here I imagine the shapes to resemble an ice butterfly.

If you find patterns in ice on a day with a clear blue sky you can take advantage of the sky reflecting on the ice, forming a cold , sometimes almost molten metal feel to the image. There can be many variations to the end result if you use a polariser, slight twists can make quite big changes to the look of the final photo.

At this time of year you have a good chance of finding a huge variety of similar patterns on frozen water. Care in focusing is essential, as is aperture selection for the best depth of field for the subject. Clearly, it is best to try to keep detail across the frame for shots like this, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Here I used  my Canon 60D and 70-200mm F4 L lens, at 200mm. The aperture selected was f11, in an effort to get a balance between good definition from the lens and enough depth of field. The end result left some undesirable softness below the framing shown here, so a crop to square format was necessary, and actually made a more pleasing capture.

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