Some more favourites from other photographers best of 2011.

Oops, somehow I missed Jim’s personal selection – a must see!

The following are all nice work and worth a look.

Chris Moore.

David Patterson.

Sven Seebeck – the dark wave at the top could be cropped but I love the bark on the trees.

Zach Frailey – painted snow.

Younes Bounhar.

Craig Ferguson – varied Taiwan.

Clark Crenshaw – Lake Martin Egret.

Jeroen Mentens – insects.

Asif Patel – HDR but why not?

Patrick Gensel – Land of the Golden Sun.

Edith Levy – oops, more HDR!

Eric Strensland.

OK, I have looked all the way through to 100, and only added 12 that weren’t *** in Jim’s list.

What I am finding is that some are not getting added almost immediately, here are some of the reasons…

  1. Images too small to see – thumbsize as opposed to thumbnails!
  2. Navigation difficult.
  3. The set up you are using is odd – but I find 500+ is nice (though Google+ not so nice?). And some of the flikr ones.
  4. What’s your name? (I’m adding posts by name + URL).
  5. Text too difficult to read.
  6. Not my cup of tea.

Notice anything about that list? Content is coming last, the rest make it hard to view the post!

Minna Kinnumen – I already view this blog, but the text is pretty small.

Jeff Revell (I think) – Death Valley – loved the dunes against the mountains.

Roman Schatz – 2.

Amanda Herbert – seashore/pier images – some nice portraits too.

Anne McKinnell – boneyard.

Fred Mertz – a few.

John Lemen – not sure if the architect should get the glory though…..still a great shot.

Pete Carr – Little Time Machine – JUst go take a look at this site. I might even get interested in HDR after his really great explanation of it in his HDR Tutorial.

Fedor Pikus – I have to get here, another one for the bucket list…

Sudheendra Kadri – Grass and reflections – could crop some to make a pano.

Steve Mattheis – Owl on perch – that has to be the best perch ever.

Shirley Lo – co existing -amazing shot.

Wndy Baker – bridges and river.

Well I finally finished, I hope there are some pictures you enjoy here. Now I better get on with something else…..

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2 Responses to Some more favourites from other photographers best of 2011.

  1. Jeff Revell says:

    Thanks for adding me on your list, and yes, you got the name right. I had actually already made my 2011 photos review post when Jim announced his little project so I added my post to his list. There are some great shots in there to be sure.

    – Jeff

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