How to exclude admin users from Google Analytics.

If you are using Google Analytics for your blog data, it is an idea to remove the admin user, that means you, from the results. To do this you need to set up a filter in your Google Webmaster tools.

Here’s how to do just that.

Log into your Google Analytics account.

From your ‘My Account’ page or your ‘Settings’ page select Analytics Settings, it’s at the top left of the screen under the Google logo.

Now, at the bottom right of the page you should see the ‘Filter Manager’, click on the blue text.

On the far right of the ‘Existing Filters’ bar there is an ‘Add Filter’ button, click this.

On the ‘Create New Filter’ page check the ‘Custom Filter’ radio button, this changes the view to the screen grab below.

Exclude admin from Google Analyctics

Exclude admin from Google Analyctics

Now change the settings as above, and add your selected website profile. You can see I’ve added the profile for this blog,

The settings are:

Filter type: Custom Filter – Exclude

Filter Field: User Defined

Filter Pattern: admin

Case Sensitive: No

From now on your Google reports should exclude admin users from the stats.

I’ve only just adjusted these settings so will wait and see how the stats are affected. Perhaps by spending a lot of time in my WordPress blog and then later reviewing the stats, I should find there is no activity related to me.

If you are using Google Analyticator you should also make sure you adjust the Advanced Settings to:

Track all logged in WordPress users: Yes

User roles not to track: Administrator

Method to prevent tracking: Remove


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