Polarisers and Ice.

In my earlier post Ice Butterfly I mentioned that a twist of the polarising filter on ice patterns can give quite different results. To show what I mean I’ve created a few slide shows that include the same framing with varied settings of the polarising filter.

It can be difficult to see the effect due to the fades of the slide show. As an alternative, you can change the slides manually, just hover the cursor over the image and you will be given clickable arrows to change the slides yourself.

Notice the changes in the patterns in the ice here. The edges vary in contrast and tone, as does the surface of the ice.

Here the sharp edges of the ice patterns are also picking up colours from the surrounding vegetation. If you think of the edges as angled mirrors, you can see that the different angles they are leaning to will create a different reflection depending on the area they are reflecting from.

With the reflected birches in these images there are some subtle, and not so subtle, changes in the pool surface reflection.

Ideally you should decide on the position of the polariser at the time you take the photograph. I took the variations seen here so that you can see what the possibilities are. What you choose is……your choice.
Of course with digital you can shoot all the different frames you want, finding your favourite on the computer afterwards will probably be a real headache though!


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